Although Boo at the Zoo won't be happening this year, our Education team has put together a number of resources to ensure your Halloween remains Spooktacular and and orangutan friendly! 

All about Arachnids

October is the perfect month for an arachnid creature feature! What are arachnids, how big can they get, what kind of adaptations do spiders have, and, let's learn about the most common misunderstood facts about arachnids. 




With Halloween fast approaching, what better time than now to cast the spotlight on some animals we often think of as spooky. 

Palm Oil 

As the most widely produced edible oil, palm oil is in nearly everything. Used in foods, cosmetics, and bath products, unsustainable palm oil farming practices are causing destruction and clearing of the rainforest. 

Some companies are committed to palm oil free Halloween goodies, and others are made with certified sustainable palm oil. We encourage you to learn more about the impacts of palm oil, and what you can do to help. 


Nocturnal animals 

What are nocturnal animals, why are only some animals nocturnal, and what are some examples of nocturnal animals in British Columbia? 

Now that we've learned about these fascinating animals... let's create our own spooky scene, complete with a nocturnal animal!