After much deliberation the BC Wildlife Park has decided to permanently not move forward with Boo at the Zoo.

Although this event was spook-tacular and enjoyable for many, the attendance rate wasn’t high enough to offset the costs associated with the event, and the pressures that it put on our facilities team.

Our facilities team consists of 5 incredibly hard working individuals. These individuals are the ones that are responsible for installing over 1 million lights for Wildlights, while continuing to maintain the Park grounds and infrastructure, and the pressures to have hundreds of thousands of lights set up in time for Halloween within a short period of time is difficult and no longer feasible.

Instead, our team will be focusing their efforts on expanding our infrastructure including completing an aquatic animal rehabilitation pen, refencing the bighorn sheep habitat, and building incredible new light displays for Wildlights, and investing thousands of combined hours stringing lights and turning the Park grounds into a stunning holiday experience.

With that in mind, we look forward to welcoming everyone to our 26th annual Wildlights, coming December 15th – January 7th (excluding Christmas) from 4-9pm each night, with the lights turning on at 5:00pm. Our second annual sensory friendly evening in partnership with the Canucks Autism Network, will take place on December 15th from 5-9pm.

Although Boo at the Zoo won't be happening, our education team has put together a number of resources to ensure your Halloween remains spooktacular and orangutan friendly!



Spooktacular kids camp!

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All about Arachnids

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Spooky Animal Facts

With Halloween fast approaching, what better time than now to cast the spotlight on some animals we often think of as spooky.

Palm Oil

As the most widely produced edible oil, palm oil is in nearly everything. Used in foods, cosmetics, and bath products; unsustainable palm oil farming practices are causing destruction and clearing of the rainforest. 

Some companies are committed to palm oil free Halloween goodies, and others are made with certified sustainable palm oil. We encourage you to learn more about the impacts of palm oil, and what you can do to help.